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Dunmore Caves



Head to Dunmore Cave in County Kilkenny and get an insight into this intriguing landmark. The cave was first mentioned in the 9th-century collection of Irish Triads, but other annals speak of Viking activity within this mighty cave. Learn about the cave and region in the visitor centre with its informative audiovisual presentation on the impressive geology and evolution of the area spanning 350 million years. Admire the animated formation of Dunmore Cave, learn about its ecology and its bloody Viking massacre in 928. Enjoy the interactive Virtual Museum to see several treasures found in the cave and sign up for a guided tour of a place where Viking history and myths spring from the shadows. Admire the series of chambers formed over millions of years with stunning calcite formations. Take a break at Madeleine’s Tea Room which is open daily during the peak season and enjoy a hot drink and delicious sweet treats.